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    • Organic Coconut Milk: This rich and creamy coconut milk organic is extracted from fresh selected, matured, and paired coconut kernels (white meat) which are simply shelled, shredded, pressed, and filtered. Our coconut organic milk is unscented which allows the product to retain its aroma and flavor and ensures that all the natural benefits of organic coconut milk are preserved.
    • Creamy Texture: Dairy free coconut milk is made from the meaty portion of coconut added with water to achieve its milk-like texture. Since coconut milk unsweetened is not a dairy product, it does not contain milk. Shelf stable milk gives extra flavor and creaminess to your different recipes. Unsweetened coconut milk is naturally sweet, so it doesn’t contain any artificial sweetness.
    • Shelf Stable: There’s no refrigeration required for organic coconut milk. The non dairy milk is easy to use; simply stir it into warm dishes or blend the contents to combine. Simply stir plant based milk into warm dishes or blends the contents to combine. Dairy free milk stores perfectly well in your pantry and are also amazing for travel.
    • All Natural: With organic and non-GMO certifications, organic vegan milk unrefined cold pressed contain medium-chain fatty acids and vitamin E. Unrefined organic coconut milk organic unsweetened is USDA-certified organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Non dairy milk is one of the highest quality coconut oil that has a smooth, creamy texture and neutral scent and taste.
    • Wide Usage: Organic coconut milk is a great bulk buy as standard cooking milk in your kitchen. Coconut milk shelf stable is subtle enough to allow the flavorful ingredients in your dish to really shine and also gives your recipe a little spark. Coconut milk unsweetened is ideal for use in Oriental and Indian dishes such as curries, soups, and stir-fries as well as a dairy alternative in desserts and baking. Coconut milk organic is also great for healthy breakfast meals.
    • Disposal Benefits The empty bags make up a fraction of the disposal footprint of canned coconut milk
    • No Monkey Business! Responsibly sourced. No animals are involved in the production of our products. We certify a cruelty free harvest process